The Tropical Lounge features many ��tropical�� drinks, including the Mai Tai, a special blend of light and dark rums with tropical punch, the Flaming Tiki Bowl, an exotic brew with eight different liquors that can be shared by four people, the Rum Cow, a coconut flavored mix with blended rums served in a coconut cup, and many other tropical refreshments.

The lounge also carries two types of imported beers, including Tsingtao from China, and 14 domestic brands. Come watch the game and have a beverage.

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Tiki Bowl
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Lotus Garden of Greenwood
49 W.Mercator Drive
Greenwood, IN 46143

Telephone: (317) 881-5531
Fax: (317) 881-6414
Daily Specials $3.00 /Bottle

Miller Lite
Bud Light
Top Self Margarita $6.25

Scorpion $7.75
Tiki Bowl $7.75

Coors Light
Crown Royal
Budweiser Select
Ketel One
Tsing Tao
Red Bull
Beers: (Bottle)

Import: $3.75
Domestic: $3.25
Michelob Ultra, Michelob Lager
Amber Bock
Honey Brown
Budweiser Draft $2.50

Mai Tai
Long Island Iced Tea
Jack Daniel
Mon.&Tues.: Miller Lite 
Wednesday: Coors Light
Thur.& Fri.  : Budweiser
Sat. & Sun. : Bud Lite